Friends are those who are continously there for support when it is needed... ones that will even though dislike you significant, will sit there and talk to them juss for the sake of pleasing you and making you happy due to seeing them both in the same room... also people that will drive across the island after a long day of work cause you called them crying hysterically cause you found out your other half was cheating... and also the ones that will no matter what they've told you in the past about you current and you didnt believe they will never say I TOLD YOU SO when you find out, although its itching to come out... the ones that will take the blame that you needed to put on sum one beside yourself and your half, for you depression and suicidal modes that you tend to go through... basically friends are juss a phone call away, and are more like family...
juss ask and i'll pull through, cause isnt that what friends are all about?
by )(=^+)(=|2 August 09, 2005
In friend there is an R that stands for real, without the R its fiend, a merciless demon only wanting to destroy you.
You aint no friend, you's a fiend dog
by ManoftheDiaspora June 21, 2005
Temporary alliances in pursuit of mutual goals.
Me and some friends just scored a big money contract. After its done I'm dumping those chumps.
by Joe Iron November 09, 2007
People that you think are your friends
But they really your enemies, with secret indentities
I don't know who my friends are anymore.
by katiiiiee xx January 03, 2008
Someone who you hold dear. Maybe not someone you'd marry, but you'd never want them to leave. You want them to be part of your life forever, even it's just hanging out, or the occasional discussion during lunch.
Friends are nice.

by Reymhan June 29, 2007
A break up line used by a chick who just wants dump your ass, but also wants to be nice about it. The sex probably sucks.
"I think we were just better off just friends"

"Jimmy, I want to break up ... but HEY .. we can be friends!!!"
by Chelsey January 14, 2005
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