A male or a female that acts like he knows you but really backstabs you at the end
"Fuck bro my own friend dis me"
by Art June 03, 2004
Somone/some people that are always there to help, a friend i need is a friend in deed!Also somone you hang around with.
Dude1: OMG, I just got a new friend called mya. She's nice.
Dude2:That sucks!I thought i was ure friend, cause i hate mya!
by Charliegurl225 June 09, 2006
a person whom one knows likes and trusts
ur my friend come wipe my ass!
by monica March 13, 2005
The most overrated, piece of shit television show ever. Who the hell likes Friends?
Person: I'm gonna watch Friends when I get home. I bought the fourth season.

Me: Kill yourself.
by Brandon K. G. October 12, 2005
A term used to label the male/female's private parts, in a g-rated fasion
"Wow Andrew, your friend is VERY excited!" said Vicky
by AnDDreWWW March 23, 2004
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