a friend is someone who is always there for u...and i am always here for u kerry...i love u sOoOo much...im not used to u bein down and u will feel better...as long as u tlk to me,ill kp u happy =)
sum1 to talk to wen ur not feeling too good....and our little "booty" at tennis sure cheered u up!!...kerry<3
by ell aka superchuck =) May 10, 2005
Homosexual partner.
This is my friend.
by munge September 26, 2003
The most overrated tv show ever.
Too bad friends didn't have an episode named "the one when this show DIDN'T suck"
by Adrian February 08, 2007
The end of "Fri". ("Fri" as in "Friday")
It's the Friend! (It's the end of Friday)
by Steaver370 July 09, 2004
1.Back-stabbing, two-faced, cunt, prikk, bollock-head, annoying poo-bum.

2.Uses people, in order to propell themselves into higher things.
I think we all know.
by Depressed February 16, 2004
Back stabbing bastards
I am from Grimsby and all of my friends are back stabbing bastards.
by Rolodoggy January 21, 2015
Friends are people who love you almost or more than your family. Friends are the siblings God forgot to give us 😉. Real, true friends stand up for you, keep promises, trust you, and would do anything for you. Without them you would have nothing to do, no gun to have, and no mistakes to make.
Man, I had such a good time with my friends at the movie theatre!
by Cheer fanatic December 30, 2014

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