1. A fuck buddy
2. A partner for sex
"I have a lot of friends"
by Ellie Nash January 15, 2007
That one more beer that makes that beast look like a beauty
Alcohol is my best friend.
by fecker December 23, 2003
v. To add someone to an online "friends list." These lists are often connected to facebook, myspace, blogs, internet games, or other similar websites. Derived from befriend.
"Did ______ friend you on facebook?"
"He keeps trying to, but I keep clicking reject."
by enlith April 25, 2006
friends are some one who like you for who you are not beqacuse of ur stile of stuff their there cuz there they are friends and some of them try to trick you if you have you have alot of mony and they pretend to like you so they can steal your mony those people who ar like that make me sick i used to have a friend like that she wuz really bossy and mean and told lies she blamed every thing that she did wrong she did wrong so i always got in truble when she wuz the 1 who did it it felt like she wuz taking over my life and i hated her i never got the chance to say stop doing wutever she did wrong at that time then when i got the chance i sed to "stop pushing me arong you blame everything on me its not fair so just stop i had enough already u cant take over me life its just not faif u can't do that"then she went to an other school a few month later and i wuz reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happt it wuz 1 of the happest days of my life !!!!!! go me go me go me i did not know better to have a friend like her i wuz 5 !it wuz not right i had to say that cuz she wuz takin over my life
it wuz driven me crazy it wuz horrable she wuz like trin to take over my life i hated it it wuz anoing
by gwen March 21, 2005
Friends rock! Yea, they do!!!!!

OMG! Last night, I touched her boob, then, we fucked on her mom's bed! Then i ate her out, and she went and i found her with a girl and they were licking eachothers clits, and that LESBIANNNNN! boobieeee!
by jfskdl;aj fsdafsda August 13, 2006
it was all-right for a show that the main characters were all dumb and laughed at each other for being stupid
too many examples
by vincent March 17, 2004
1. Someone who likes you, or a companion.
2. Someone you trust.
3. A show on NBC that lost it's good quality.
You're my friends, after all.

"Damnit, Ross is really fucked up now. What the hellz with Joey and How you doin'. Damn Rachel, gettin' herself pregnat. Friends sucks."
by Damn as hell May 23, 2004

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