person you call when you are in jail to bail you out.
true friend:
person sitting next to you in jail saying, "man, we fucked up big this time"
true friend: man, we fucked up, but it was worth it.
you: yeah, they will never be able to ger all that shit off their house!
by sean hickey November 16, 2005
A vague and ambiguous term used by many females, typically used to covertly describe a male associate with whom they have sexual relations.
Ohh Landquisha, I called up my friend last night to come over and lay some pipe. He beat up my coochie better than the LAPD!
by 2slick2pretty July 25, 2003
A person whom Andy thinks you can walk all over because you have a bad hair day.
It was so cool when I started making personal stabs at my friends, they must of really enjoyed it!
by Cock June 04, 2003
V. To ask someone to be your friend on facebook.
"I meet this hot chick the other day at SAE."
"Dude, did you friend her?"
"Like an hour later."
by Lisa_V February 26, 2006
1. Someone who you enjoy spending time with.

2. A TV show on NBC that got a little repetitive.
I'm not going to type a long story about friends and list all of mine to the public.
by hydrogen November 03, 2005
The excuse for abuse.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
by AJ August 21, 2003
if theri girls then they r 2 faced, backstabbin bitches who can change from ur best friend 2 ur worst enemies in about the space of 2 mins. If they're guys then their not bad but can b a bit gross and immature sumtimes.
"hi nicola, how long have we bin best friends 4? 7 years has it bin"
"yeh i guess so, ahh well u bitch i dont like u ne more coz our personalities clash"
by steph (nambar wan!) May 24, 2003
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