a close friend that'll tell you many things and hang out alot
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
two guys who like to have a lot of sex and play detainee games
My friend and I played a wicked games of Iraqi detainee on the weekend.
by billy December 26, 2004
An amusing thing, person or event in a game, level, or film
The Chuckle Brothers in Underworld
Regeneration biomod - in your eyes - only regenerates your eyes (Deus Ex 2)
Scottish doors in Sigma.
by TGKF September 17, 2004
1.No such thing in my world
2.Someone I don't need
And I don't care, he he he
by hexaGonmaN April 28, 2004
if theri girls then they r 2 faced, backstabbin bitches who can change from ur best friend 2 ur worst enemies in about the space of 2 mins. If they're guys then their not bad but can b a bit gross and immature sumtimes.
"hi nicola, how long have we bin best friends 4? 7 years has it bin"
"yeh i guess so, ahh well u bitch i dont like u ne more coz our personalities clash"
by steph (nambar wan!) May 24, 2003
A TV show where the main characters seek to bang each other. Eventually Ross and Rachel get it on in the bed. Then Joey screws Rachel. Then Monica gets in bed with Chandler on some vacation thing. During the scene, Monica looks under the bed. You can see the shock on her face as she lays eyes on Chandler's schlong. Chandler also gets very excited at Monica's funbags. You can see his boner sticking through the sheets. Joey and Phoebe just go and screw other random people that are in like 2 episodes. After the show they probably went and hat wild bestiality sex though. You could tell. In the end they had one giant orgy.
Friends is a funny show.
by XSGame September 06, 2005
Some one that you an do everything with! and that means everything!! but unless your mad at them or there mad @ u then they could stab you in the back! or if they are boys you could develope into more than freinds and could be boyfriend and gurlfriend but if its more than that you could possibly end up in having sex
Jenny: Hey doug whats up?
Doug notta lot.but i was wondering if you will go out with me?
Jenny: Yea! sure!
by Madin January 17, 2005

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