a person whom one knows likes and trusts
ur my friend come wipe my ass!
by monica March 13, 2005
the person ur bangin but tryna keep on the low
oh him...hes just a friend
by M January 14, 2004
A term used to label the male/female's private parts, in a g-rated fasion
"Wow Andrew, your friend is VERY excited!" said Vicky
by AnDDreWWW March 23, 2004
A show on NBC. It gets high ratings and reviews. However, all it's material is created out of stupid problems created by the retards who are portrayed on the show. Therefore it is nearly impossible for those problems to be created in the first place. ie. Ross still goes to a pediatrician for medical services.
Frinds is a show on NBC.
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
The most overrated, piece of shit television show ever. Who the hell likes Friends?
Person: I'm gonna watch Friends when I get home. I bought the fourth season.

Me: Kill yourself.
by Brandon K. G. October 12, 2005
1. A companion. One of the greatest things existance has to offer.
2. One of the most overrated and overplayed telivision programs ever. Revolves around smug jokes and smug characters. An all around crappy show.
1. It's nice to have a friend. No wonder Elton John wrote a song about them.

2. Oh now I understand. You smashed my TV with a sledgehammer cause "Friends" was on and we couldnt change the channel or turn it off. Thank you, you're a true friend.
by Kevin Frost April 10, 2004
a friend in need's a friend indeed.
a friend with weed is better.
a friend with breasts and all the rest.
a friend who's dressed in leather.
who's your best friend?

that dominatrix with the big titties smokin' a blunt and beggin' me to fuck her.
by the fishy May 01, 2005

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