Actually the most awesome TV show in the history of ever.
Friends just is. Do not question Friends.
by Vince19 February 02, 2014

A good friend is a person who knows your best stories, your best friend has lived them with you. A friend is a person who you are attached to. They will always be there for you, no matter the situation. A friend will help you, even when they dont know how to help. Beware of fake friends, they will destroy you, see enemies. A friend is pretty much someone you can't live without.

Thanks Derek, for being the truly awesomely friend of all.
Mom: We have to go to South Carolina for Christmas, it's the only time we can be together as a whole family

Me: Of course we can't do it without my friend!
by YouAreReadingThisLongName December 25, 2013
Sad bitches you can never trust.
Person 1: You know those girls, over there, they said some nasty things about you. If I were you I'd tell them to go stuff themselves with a cactus.
Person 2: Oh.... I thought they were my friends.
by it' December 22, 2013
Someone you can lean on and they can also lean on you
Bro1: Dude I feel down today
Bro2: Bro you're my friend, lean on me and when I feel down I lean on you
by lkfdjeis December 05, 2013
A person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.
Henry & I. I love him to death. Friends.
by lateygodga March 29, 2013
Friend is a popular term for spring loaded camming devices. Friends are used for fall protection while climbing a rock face. They are used as anchor points in cracks and crevices as appropriate and attached to the climbers rope . The term is derived from the Wild Country SLCD of the same name.
You have more friends hanging on your rack than you have riends on Facebook
by Roshamboob June 08, 2012
Someone from whom you can steal clothing and tampons. Their main purpose is to expand your closet and supplement your tampon supply.
Emily is my best friend. She's the reason that I seem to own twice as much clothing as I actually do.
by you_know_who_shmemers January 15, 2012

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