people you can always count on to be there for you, make you feel good, make you happy ect.
man, you guys are so nice to me you really are true friends.
by anonymous199519951995 December 18, 2008
A friend is someone whos there for you always. :D
Search BFF for more details.
She's my friend.
We've been friends for years.
by SippyLongHorn October 25, 2007
something you consider yourself as when you have laughed with someone, know there names, and share stuff. Something that defines you and someone friends is used when you know someone very well and care about them for all you got. bestest friends is a term you use for someone you would die for and listen to. and is there for you and after 5 seconds of being mad with talk. Someone your bound to fight with one time or another cuz you are so close.homies are people that can do anything and joke around no matter what. They listen to eachother and only give advice when asked or the subject seems to need it. Someone willing to put them at risk for you when your mad. Someone that understands you and gets alot about you. Someone you can count on.
"I'm so freaken sad" <you can tell me>-friends
"I'm freaken sad"<ok, y??>-best friends
"I'm so freaken sad"<tell me>-bestest friends
"I'M so freaken sad"<I'm listening when your ready, remeber I'm here.>-Homies
by 1nonlyhomie November 02, 2006
The other dude that's actually boning or hooking up with a chick. A females underhanded false representation of the "other guy" she knows what's up with him but wants to keep misleading and using you while knowing you have feelings for her. A false title a female uses to mislead or throw you off the scent of her boyfriend.
I went to a friends house after work.

Me and my friend are studying no you can't come over.

My friend is in the car with me.

I'm staying the night at a friends house tonight.

Sorry I can't go out with you I have plans with a friend.
by Joe dirty May 24, 2014
Something I don't have
I laughed when I was asked who my closest "friend" was.
by williamjamessidis May 16, 2014
almost every and anyone surrounding you..flip faster than a coin in rotation...pussy hoes & slinky niggas sneak dissers tho never in your face with it....these "friends" done let you down have done some not friendly shit, but its always those "friends" that make any REAL FRIEND say fuck it. Those "friends" nobody needs em theres plenty more like em they conjugate hold meetings and run their fat mouths. if you know anything about these so call friends you know they were never a real friend to begin with
did you hear about that guy?
& that poor girl????
she thought her "friend" was reaching around for a hug...
when she noticed the knife it was too late..
by SkLLhP March 19, 2014

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