A friend is what you become when you split yourself in two in response to the famous words “But we can still be friends.” One part of you remains the lover, the secret part with the broken heart. The other part becomes the friend, the visible part, which will accept any conditions in the (probably vain) hope that the departing soulmate might change their mind.
“I do not love you any more, but we can still be friends.”
“I’ll take what I can get, Friend.”
by Namasa June 29, 2010
1. A way to find out about someone so it's easier to assassinate them.

2. A TV show reputed for its shocking affect on human mind. It is beaten only by the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.
1: I had to assassinate John Connor so I became best friends with him. Then when he let his guard down, bang.

A - 'I haven't seen you in years, what happened to you?'

B - 'I was in counselling for 4 years'

A - 'Shit, why?'

B - 'I accidently saw an episode of friends'

A - 'My god...'
by Kittsville2 (i'm back) October 23, 2009
Someone who will help you move.
A friend will help you move, but only a really good friend will help you move a body (not original).
by undiesinabunch August 22, 2009
a person who doesn't care what you look like but who you are as a human being. a friend is someone who sees a signfigance in your physical/mental presence. also shall it be noted that a friend b.f.f is totally willing to go on an insane sugar(or other caffinated substance--legal of course)frenzie!
Me and my friend are CRAZY.
My friend is better than you.
The little Pieces Of fries you find at the bottom of the Mc.Donalds bag.
Guy1: FINE, But I get the Fri-Ends
by billy bob jhonson October 16, 2007
Friends are people who share their ice cream with you if you don't have enough money,people who walk up to you no matter how many times you tell them to leave you alone and cheer you up,people who if your shy and scared they will help you make friends,people who will wait for you to finish the test,people who you can trust your most awkward secrets with and the girl you like,people who will bail you out of a 10000 Dollar fine people who you can trust the fate of the world with,people who don't knock on your door they walk in and say I'm home.
I can trust Noah and my friends with all my biggest darkest secrets
by A real trustworthy friend March 14, 2013
1 of ur main niggas
aye jamarkus my friend
by fuckyouandyourstandardsudhjgsg January 21, 2013

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