An unorthodox name picked by someone who has no end in mind. This person does not see the difficulties that will arise in trying to address them by using this name.
A: Hey Sean, have you seen Friend?
B: You're my Friend.
A: No.. I mean Friend Koay
by WoshiMoshi November 18, 2015
"Friend" is usually used when a friend has nothing else to say to another friend in an awkward situation.
Friend 1: "Dude! Did you just eat my donut???"
Friend 2: "Friend!"

Friend 1: "Can I have some paper?"
Friend 2: "Sure."
Friend 1: "Friend!"
by antwon3 September 03, 2013
A friend loves you and your flaws, unconditionally. How can anyone survive without a friend? Without a friend, you can feel depressed and lonely as if you’re not wanted by anyone. Without a friend, how will you have motivation to do anything? Friends will motivate you to succeed in anything that will benefit you. They’ll support you and your decisions in whatever you strive to do. A few qualities of a friend are someone you can trust, and someone that is loyal to you. Currently in society, trust is a major thing. You can’t trust just anyone because some people will take pieces of the truth and mix it in with their lies – that is an example of someone who definitely isn’t your friend. A friend is someone you can tell your deepest darkest secret to and you’ll know that they won’t tell anyone. Friends shouldn’t gossip about you nor try to ruin your reputation. Every friendship consists of little fights once in a while but despite the arguments, you know that your friend will always be there for you whenever you need them because they love you, regardless.
F01: I hate school, i'm dropping out. fucking useless shit.
F02: Nigga, you ain't gonna be a bum on the streets. Keep on going, it'll all pay off in the long run.
F01: Damn, you're a real friend doe'
by MASTERBrenda. April 09, 2013
This person is your bestfriend and you cannot live without them. You will have tons of inside jokes with them like S.o.a. Never will they leave your side, even when there is a burger in the toilet. :)
by amy [friend] November 09, 2012
Someone who's there to help you zip your pants.
*stands with fly down facing friend* "Hey, could you zip this?"

*friend zips pants withough question* "The fake nails got in the way again didn't they?"

by lives4music14 September 12, 2011
People who can count on each other for anything and everything. A friend is also able to be there for you no matter what, and true friends have a lot in common. They also like to talk shit about their roommates to each other knowing they won't say anything to the other. They may also drive the same car and have many other things in common by coincidence.
Megan: My birthday is April 23rd and my brother's is December 10th.

Friend Erin: OMG my birthday is April 26th and my brother's is December 7th! They're both 3 days apart! We were meant to be friends! :)
by boardersaint February 08, 2011

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