a girl's way of saying sex now, relationship later.
Guy: "Wanna hook up later? I got the house to myself."

Girl: "I'm not the booty call kind of girl, but we can be friends with benefits"
by blondie002 June 29, 2009
Two friends, a man & a woman, with a casual dating relationship; the benefits can be long,deep,flirting conversations, or jack and jill sessions, or mutual masterbation, or make-out sessions which can include just an exchange of oral sex or penetration sex without commitment.
We're not dating, we're just friends with benefits.Sometimes he comes over and we just talk,other times we masturbate ourselves without touching, then sometimes we get each other off one way or another, once in a while we fuck, its different everytime we see each other.
by Jake January 29, 2004
When two friends want to flirt, touch, hug, and mess around or more without having to commit or wonder if they are dating.
Me and Kris are "friends with benefits" and now we can flirt and be all over each other without having to date.
by EMM.D. September 07, 2009
Exactly what it means. A friendship which has more of a sexual relatioship which doesnt manipulate the friendship
jerry and mary were Friends With Benefits..... using each other for sexual favours, without the bf/gf tag
by PoNy182 May 28, 2006
2 close friends who think it would be fun to have sex with each other again and again. Until 1 falls in love and gets their heart broken when the other doesn't want a relationship.
Z and W had sex ... a lot. They were "friends with benefits". Z falls in love with W and friendship is over because it got too sticky and complicated.
by ZeldaGlitterDoll187 September 03, 2011
when 2 people have all of the traits a relationship has,but aren't labeled boyfriend and girlfriend.and they are free to date whoever without consequence,unless you agree to other terms.
Shayne:Want to be friends with benefits?
Cayley: Sure but what are out terms
Shayne:we can date outside of this,but we still do relationship like stuff.
Cayley: Lets start now.
by oblowi March 11, 2011
There's two different meanings. (See example below.)
Girl: "I just wanna be...friends with benefits," usually means: "Yeah, you're cool but...I don't really wanna be seen with you. Sorry."

Guy: "I just wanna be...friends with benefits," usually means: "Yeah, I just wanna get in your pants without having to do anything for you."
by taaash August 24, 2006
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