Two friends that have an attraction to eachother but can't be in an official relationship for whatever reason.
Jane and Arthur like eachother but are only friends with benefits because of the age difference.
by Annalou March 31, 2007
A person that you have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved. However, if you're a girl you know that it's impossible to have a sexual relationship without getting your emotions involved. Usually you end up being afraid to tell the person that you want serious committment because you don't want to be rejected. You keep your friends wtih benefits relationship because you are afraid of losing the person all together but it hurts you because you want more. You know you should tell the person how you really feel but you can't because you love them and you're afraid of losing them. When you finally do tell the person that you love them they might tell you that they love you back, if they don't then you can both move on, either way it's worth a shot because if you don't ask you'll never know.

Sally: I love you John, I want more than friends with benefits.
Fred: Why didn't you say something sooner? I love you too! Let's be boyfriend and girlfriend.
by Veggie Lover March 17, 2009
A relationship where a man and a woman enjoy having sex with one another, but do not see each other as potential relationship material. Friends with benfits usually never works successfully with ex-boyfriends/girlfriends or anyone else you might have feelings for. The benfits are not exclusive, buyer beware!
Dick enjoyed having sex with Jane, he was young, attractive, and successful. He didn't need any bullshit hassle of a relationship. Jane also liked having sex with Dick, she was also young, attractive, and successful and though she could do the 'friends with benefits' thing unfortunately she developed feelings for Dick, but realized it was futile because Dick was also having sex with X number of other women.
Jane dropped him like a hot potato, and hasn't looked back.
by Sarcastic One November 29, 2005
Friends with benefits can do things couples can do except without being labled as a BOYFRIEND and a GIRLFRIEND, when you ask if they want to be friends with benefits with you, you both have to agree on what those BENEFITS are, and it doesn't have to contain sex. If you both agree on sex, then it's also considered as friends with benefits.
Guy: Want to be friends with benefits?
Girl: Sure, but what are the benefits?
Guy: Hugging, kissing, holding hands.
Girl: No sex?
Guy: Nope
Girl: Okay sure then.

Thats an example of becoming friends with benefits. You can choose the benefits you want! It doesn't mean you have to have sex or oral or anything, as long as you decide the benefits you want and you both agree on it, then its official.
by XiLLuZi0nzX June 11, 2007
The best kind of friendship out there.
Me and John are friends with benefits. We like fucking but we don't like to pay for dates.
by Montgomery Montgomery January 10, 2007
Someone who repeatingly tells you that were cool. He very seldoms calls to see hows your day going. You realize that you are the one who seem to be calling or interested. He calls you about every 4 days or so in the middle of the night around 12am or first thing early in the morning to say, Whats Up? or I need you to come over and give me some. Constantly tells you that he doesnt want to committ or be in a relationship at the moment and that he is seeing other people on a regular and that if he chooses to have sex, he will be protected at all times. Then, he'll turn around and tell you that he dont want to hurt you or mislead you in the wrong way. But constantly calls and wants to have sex only when he wants it and never rarely when u suggest or indicate. His main focus is to please himself and not to have any concern about how you should feel or want to be loved, carressed, or pleasured.
We are nothing more than just friends with benefits.
by Mrs Price January 18, 2008
When 2 friends r attracted 2 each other in a sexual way but neither wants the committment of a relationship. the 2 usually care for each other tho.
After hooking up with him, i knew that our relationship would never be anything more than friends with benefits.
by advice.giver June 10, 2006

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