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That CREEPY person with the terrifying habit of finding out EVERY single bit of personal information through an online profile after adding you as a friend on social networking sites
Ever since that person added my friend online, he knows all about my best friend but doesn't even know her! What a friendophile!
by Illiterate children in April 01, 2008
A dude who stalks his or her friends in a very creepy way.
John was my friend until I found out he was stalking me everywhere I went; what a friendophile!
by cantthinkofapsuedonym January 18, 2012
Someone who ends up sleeping with one of their previously platonic friends.
They used to go out for a few drinks, a walk, or a jog. Then they ended up in bed, and now they are friendophiles.
by katiecarpediem May 30, 2010
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