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The formal breaking off of a friendship, for a variety of reasons.
Julie: Man, Jennifer slept with my boyfriend? I HATE THAT WHORE!!!

Tim: Whoa... You guys are totally getting a friendivorce.
by DontLookBackInAnger July 09, 2009
An official end of a friendship, usually one between best friends, which is caused by severe infractions or major (fast or slow) changes in friendship dynamics which result in consequences that rival a real divorce.
Andy: Hey Lisa, where have you been? You've been missing our daily talks for about a week now...
Lisa: I found a mistress called "McKinsey & Company."
Andy: This is causing a strain on our friendship, it's obvious you don't value our best-friendship.

Lisa: If you can't take it then lets get a friendivorce.
by nonreal September 21, 2015
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