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An annual occasion where you celebrate the passing of one or more years since you met a particular friend.
Dude, it's the 23rd of July!! Exactly 6 years since we met!!

Yeah Brosef, Happy Friendiversary.
by Gashtacular March 03, 2008
28 4
The day two people became friends.
Risa's and my friendiversary is January first.
by youdontsmellbad January 06, 2006
34 13
Friendiversary (n) is a dumb non-word, but used on the Disney channel in current kids culture which easily gets stuck in your head.
Jeffrey, Happy 10 year Friendiversary! It was this week 10 years ago that we met - can you believe it?!? :)
by Transeunt June 16, 2010
9 8