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A friend you have (probably on Facebook) who is just on your friend list to make you look good. The passing of cash may be involved.
Have you seen that Dull Dave is now friends with Hot Haylie?

Yeah, he's giving her $5 and a pack of Luckys a week. She's a total frienditute.
by Aphid Greene December 01, 2010
7 4
a person, of either gender, who accepts money in return for being another person's social networking friend.

-verb (used with object)
to sell or offer oneself as a frienditute

Dec 1, 2010, Dilbert by Scott Adams
Creepy Tim can't get any real friends on Facebook, so now he's paying for the services of a frienditute.
by Longbow EOD December 01, 2010
4 2
Paying someone (not always monetary) to be your friend on a social network just to appear like you have cool and interesting friends.
Shut Up!, were not really friends. I’m just a frienditute for a few days.
by tillytill99 December 01, 2010
1 1
A desirable person (particularly an attractive female) who gets paid to be someone's friend on Facebook. (From Dilbert Cartoon Dec. 1, 2010)
I'll pay you $500 a month to be my Facebook friend and post on my wall every week. I know that makes you a frienditute, but we won't name it!
by Dilbertfan December 01, 2010
0 2