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friends who are as close as family.
I was chillin with my friendamily today at the park.
by zephyr_sings May 04, 2013
There's an old quote "you can choose your friends but you can't chose your family".

Most people have close friends that they consider family, someitmes even closer than actual family members. They call them their other sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin or parent.
Your friend marries a member of your family.
Your best bud is like a brother to you.

You consider your bff a family member.
if you're closer to your best friend than you are to your family members, they are your "friendamily"
Your children call your close friends Aunty and Uncle even though they are not related.
You have people that you think of as your other family members though they are not related. eg. You call your friends parents Mom and Dad.
by Lolo S August 01, 2009

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