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A very frustrating and very shitty place to be. More commonly experienced by men than women. Mostly becuase of the fact that men are comfortable with being in a relationship/fucking a friend, where women will piss and moan about not wanting to ruin a frendship, somehow overlooking the fact that guys already have friends, and so do they. Stupid bitches.
Friend zone? Man, you don't wish that shit on your WORST enemies! Thats fucked up yo.
by You don't need to know my name. February 27, 2005
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A term used by incredibly butthurt little boys in relation to the fact that the girl they like doesn't want to fuck them. It's an excuse the little boy makes to make the girl look like she's doing something wrong when the little boy is really just over egotistical and/or an asshurt sore loser. The little boy just doesn't want to accept the fact the girl doesn't want him.
Tyler: That fucking bitch fucking friend zoned me!
Anna: Shut up, your ego will live.
Tyler: She's just a stupid slut, every guy she dates is a douche!
Anna: You're just butthurt because she doesn't want you.
by Just another Black Sheep January 07, 2012
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1. The hellish place that a man will find himself in if he does not immediately place a woman he is beginning to form a relationship with below him and make his shallow sexual intentions the focus. This occurs most often when a man decides he likes a woman and actually has enough respect for her to treat her with dignity.

2. A term used by some women to excuse their complete lack of sexual attraction to a man who has recently made it clear they are interested in a relationship. This is mostly due to Disney movies, which give women unrealistic expectations and a sense of entitlement to a "Prince Charming."
Poor Bastard: (What they're saying) Hey, I've really enjoyed getting to know you these past few weeks. (What they're thinking) Hey, I've really enjoyed getting to know you these past few weeks.

Selfish Bitch: (What they're saying) I know! You're such a great friend! (What they're thinking) I have too! You're so good at listening to me complain!

Poor Bastard: (What they're saying) Well, that's the thing, I think I'd like to be more than friends. (What they're thinking) Well, that's the thing, I think I'd like to be in a relationship with you.

Selfish Bitch: (What they're saying) But I wouldn't want to ruin our friendship! (What they're thinking) I can't comprehend the fact that you legitimately care for me, and since I'm more sexually attractive than you are I'm going to use your feelings to my emotional advantage! Enjoy being used in the friend zone!

Poor Bastard: (What they're saying) I get that, let's stay friends! (What they're thinking) I'm going to go kill myself!
by anjrou October 24, 2011
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When a guy treats a woman like their girlfriend and spends money on them as if he was their boyfriend. Most of the time the guy who is stuck in the friend zone will also be whipped by his female friend.
Goodger: Hey Ashley, can i smoke a cigarette?

Ashley: No you can not have a cigarette.(As she throws his pack out the window)

Goodger: Im sorry please dont be mad at me.

Ashley: I am now buy me wendy's im hungry.

Goodger: Ok. (Damn im in the friend zone)
by Rob Szablewski July 03, 2010
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Basically when you fail to really impress a girl you end up in this shit hole. Its not quite hell but its not near heaven, its basically limbo, basically put you've got a football star who gets both his knees shot out and thats your comparison, very similar to your dogs dead but you can keep it if you want. See "I dont like you like that" and "lets just be friends". Woman's way of making trolling. Yes I have been trolled.
Friend-zone examples:

Bob: Hey Casey want to go out? *braces for the friend-zone*
Casey: Bob I don't like you like that I'm sorry lets just be friends
Bob: sure.....
Bob: *thinking*: shit shit shit i'm getting the fuck out of this
Bob: Yeah Casey friend-zoned me, definatly just wasted 4 weeks of my life and a good chunk of cash......
Tom: trolled!
Bob: Yeah....
by DeySeeHerTrollinDeyHatin May 17, 2010
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Basically a very embarrassing situation both parties would probably like to forget. This can happen to ANYONE (Who the hell cares about gender? This can happen to homosexuals, too. Not only straight people want to find love).

A asks out B, but B doesn't want to complicate the relationship they already have (because maybe they're good friends, and no one likes loosing the chemistry or bond they have with a close friend).

In other words, not wanting to be more than just friends with someone that has feelings for you that are beyond friendship.


"Hey, B. I like you. I've liked you for quite a while now, actually. Will you go out with me?"

"WHAT? Uh, I-I can't do that, A. I'm sorry. I just want us to stay friends. Nothing more..."



by Doesitevenmatter?No. August 03, 2012
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The state of being just a friend to somebody, usually for a very long time.
"Better to be an enemy than to be in the friend zone."

by kw1kw1 December 11, 2011
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A term used to vilify a woman for excercising her right to say no. One day the male gender just decided that if you're friends with a woman or nice to her that she's obligated to date you and if she doesn't she's a horrible person. Women are put in the friend zone too, but society vastly ignores this fact. It's usually guys who go after extremely attractive women, and when they're rejected they think of this woman as shallow even though he himself is shallow for only pursuing women he sees as beautiful or pretty.
Bob: Wahhh! Suzy put me in the Friend Zone!

Joey: Forget her! All women are evil!

Suzy: Excuse me? Not only did I loose one of my closest friends because it turns out they were only pretending to be my friend in hopes of getting in my pants, but somehow this all makes me the villain here?
by Wecanjustbefriendsokay? February 03, 2012
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