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A passionate or overmastering desire to become friends with someone despite the circumstances that prevent this friendship from ensuing.
1. Dawg, I totally have friend lust over Ian, but what kind of senior would approach a freshman?!

2. I have bad friend lust for Shanelle, but it would be way too awkward for me to randomly talk to her!
by pmoneybiatch August 16, 2011
A period of a relationship where two people tend to hang out together and talk constantly to each other, sometimes even ignoring their other friends. Symptoms of friend-lust include:

- Wanting to spend time with the person constantly and having a strange craving to see said person at random periods of the day

- Talking with the person constantly, whether it be through texts, IM's, and in-person communication (e-mails do not count)

- Experiencing jealousy when the person talks about their best friends

- Making up numerous inside-jokes and/or nicknames in one sitting, when you know you two probably won't remember them the next day

- And in extreme cases, day dreams about having freaky friends-with-benefits sex with said person.

The symptoms continue until the relationship dies down into best-friendliness or fizzles out because the person is getting too goddamn annoying.
Willard: Hey, you know where Jakeme is? I can't find him anywhere.
Sara: Yeah, he's with Torrence at the mall.
Willard: Ugh. Again? Talk about friend-lust.
by Red_Stump August 22, 2009
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