A word, usually employed by a male referring to a female, used to clarify one's relationship with a female as being just friendly.
That dude is gay as a rainbow, so all those girls you thought are his girlfriends are really his friendgirls.
by Brosy July 10, 2008
A girl who is a friend, and nothing more. Not to be confused with 'girlfriend'.
Jack: You asked out Jane? What did she say?

John: Bad news. She wants to be my friendgirl, not girlfriend.

Jack: Tough luck, dude.
by emoinpink August 13, 2010
A non-significant other friend that's a female.

Pronunciation: Freh-end-ga-erl

See also Friendboy.
My friendgirl was so dumb, I asked her to drown my goldfish and she actually tried.
by 6The6Devil6 February 26, 2010
A girl in which you share a platonic relationship with, or just a freind
Guy 1: hey is that your girl friend?
Guy 2: naw man that's my friend girl
by shutsde March 21, 2015
1. noun. A person, especially female, that is very emotionally attached to her friends and acquaintances, and frequently has emotional overloads when thinking about them and how much she loves them. Similar to a fangirl, except about people they know and not celebrities. People like this generally have had some experience fangirling on things such as Tumblr, so they end up thinking in the style of the fangirl.
2. verb. To have an overload of emotions that are characterized by love for one's friends in this fashion.
"Ohmygosh. I miss them. Omg remember that one time when they tried to prank me and then i totally dodged it and OHMYGOSHfeels. Memories omg iloveyou. I wanna organize a meetup! We should TOTALLY see each other again!!! Wait. SHE HAS A BABY NOW?!? ASDFGHJKL! omg he's so cute. ASDFGHJKL I'm friendgirling."
by bluegreengrass July 03, 2013
A girl who wants all the perks of having a loyal boyfriend (i.e. access to money, a car, sex, emotional support), but doesn't want the social responsibilties expected with carrying the title of "girlfriend". Thus allowing her to sleep around with impunity.
"Are you and Jake going out?"

"No. I'm just his friendgirl."
by D. Gould March 14, 2009
As the word indicates, it is a girl who is your friend before she's your girl, but still your girl - somewhat. It can be as extensive as reaping the benefits of being in a relationship (sex, emotional dependency, "hanging out"), or as simple as two friends who have sex mutually. Either way, this is definitely ideal for most guys today because attachment sucks.
We're not actually going out, she's just my friendgirl.
by mcabreact December 14, 2009

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