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A friend whore is someone on Myspace or Face book that tries to get as many friends as possible. Now, most people try to make friends, but friend whores will ask any and everyone to be their friend. These people are pretty lame.
"Member Since: May 14, 2005"
Todays date: May 19, 2005
"_______ has 114 friends..."
by where am i? May 19, 2005
One who obsessively tries to see how many "friends" they can acquire on websites with a "friending" feature such as LiveJournal, GreatestJournal, DeadJournal, Rooster Teeth Productions, Red vs Blue and other alike websites and message boards with such a function.
"I added three hundred people to my buddy list on LiveJournal!" said the friendwhore.
"You're a friendwhore!" replied the non-friendwhore.
by Cloud March 07, 2005
Someone who knows your name and face (you may never of had a full conversation with them) and then finds you on facebook and adds you even though you know nothing about each other, you yourself may not even recognize the person.
_____added you as a friend on Facebook. We need to confirm that you know _____ in order for you to be friends on Facebook.

You: I don't even know this person. what a friend whore
by xXaddiktedXx December 14, 2009
Someone who connects and bonds with people too easily without descriminating or recognizing red flags. A friend whore is someone who is everyone's safe friend, doesn't set appropriate boundaries, is too forgiving, and doesn't share his/her true feelings at the risk of jeopardizing the dysfunctional relationship or feeling guilty.
You were always my safe friend in high school. I could always turn to you, even when I didn't treat you well.

That's because I used to be a friend whore and never set boundaries with you. I was your friend when you weren't mine.
by Liliacea May 15, 2008
1) A person who always wants more friends, even though he has plenty already. Often a friend whore will select specific people to pursue. Like a normal whore but instead of wanting to get laid they want to be accepted by everybody, and envy people who have more friends than them. Friend whores most often select people of the opposite gender to whore themselves to.
Tina: Did you hear that Rob is making a list of girls he wants to be friends with?
Gina: I know, he's such a friend whore. Why can't he be happy with being friends with us?
by BLZ Bubb March 09, 2008
Someone on Facebook, Myspace, or any site of the sort who:

A) Accepts random friend invitations from most anyone.

B) Invites as many people as possible to become their friend, (particularly if they have friends in common) whether they know them or not.

Friend whores are usually teenage girls, but really anyone can be a friend whore.
Most friend whores are considered to be "social" in real life as well.
"Yeah she has 1000 friends on Facebook."
"She's such a friend whore."
by Solnai May 09, 2010
People who send friend requests to any and everybody on FaceBook. They have been known to scour one's friends lists.....
Friend Whore: Someone you have never met or heard of sends you a friend request because you are friends with one of their friend's friends....
by Peridot880 June 12, 2010
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