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Someone who attracts fat people
Annomanous person: jeeee you can rlly reel in the whales

prefer not to be named for obvious reason: well they dont call me the fridge magnet for nothing (sighs)
by gary-geach April 30, 2010
an extremely overweight, compulsive eater
She is hot but her friend is a fridge magnet
by modal April 14, 2006
Guy who always lands sexually cold girlfriends
"his girlfriend is a cold fish, and he's a real fridge magnet"
by Slasherr January 31, 2007
An overweight person. Usually someone that spends a considerable amount of time in front of the fridge.
Yo dude check out that fat bitch over there.

What a fridge magnet!!!
by Curly Poo July 24, 2008
an alternative and politer version of swearing
ah...fridge magnet!
rob schneider is..... a fridge magnet! (rated pg13)
by Chris Jones May 23, 2007