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someone obsessed with chicks but doesn't got any
Antonym of pimp: freshmex
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
Obloquy used to describe an individual who is highly emotional, acts melodramatic, and feels insecure around girls who the individual wants relationships with over the Internet.

Said individual may or may not attempt to attain sympathy by continually moaning about how their life "sucks", reminiscing over past derogatory incidents with people that aren't going to give a shit, and threatening suicide.

Commonly intertwined with the following words: bipolar and emo.
He won't be snatchin' my girl; he's just a stupid freshmex.
by Jocose August 05, 2006
stupid ass mexican
<freshmex> yo quiero burritos
by xone July 17, 2003
A Half Mexican Gangster who rose through the ranks to become a general in the gang wars. When he is done with America whites will be the minority.
Fresh Mex just killed that OC SuUuUun
by John Y April 29, 2004

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