The definition of freshmen is:

Females- a stupid skank bitch who dumps an upperclassmen for no fucking reason, the term freshmen can be used to someone of any age such as 1, 48, or even 99 years of age

Males- a dumbass cunt nugget who thinks he's the bomb, or any guy who does stuff just to be cool, although he is a complete fucking retarded cock browny. again this can be used for a guy of any age, ranging from age 4 to 10984

between two friends
(guy1) "dude my girlfriend dumped me"

(guy2) "dude she's a fucking freshmen"

(guy1) "no she's a junior"

(guy2) "no you havent heard? there's a new definition, yeah it means anybody who dumps their special someone for no reason!"
by CRNoel2011 November 15, 2009
9th graders, coming into high school thinking their cool until all the upperclassmen humiliate them and kick their asses. Some actually end up leaving, but the rest survive through the first couple weeks.
Me and my friend are juniors. It was the first week of school and we were looking for freshmen. One short, weak looking kid was wandering the halls, looking for his class. Without a word I walked up and took his backpack. "Grab him!" My friend said. The kid looked terrified, shaking all over. We lifted him in the air by his arms and legs and carried him outside. He finally got out a few words. "I have lunch money! Please don't hurt me!" he begged. I laughed and took the money. We carried him to the old rusty dumpster. You could smell it before it even came into view. I opened it. There was old rotten food, meat, spaghetti sauce, what looked like puke, chunky milk, and week old nacho cheese. I gagged at the sight of maggots crawling around inside. As we were about to throw him in, i stopped. "Take his clothes." The horrified look on his face was picture perfect.So we stripped his shirt, pants, shoes socks, and tighty whiteys. Completely naked, two inch dick freshman. Then we chucked him in. There was a splatting noise, followed by screams. We closed the dumpster and closed the padlock. We then left him for the janitor to find this afternoon.
by FreshmanCleaner August 10, 2010
Freshmen are snot nosed butt holes who think they're the shit when about 50% them actually smell like shit. Freshmen goof around too much that's why most of them can even handle a 1 page essay. Then they start crying about it like little piggies. When a Freshman tries to be tough all you got to do is dip them in a toilet with a bowl full of pesticides yea!!! that will do it. haha
Freshmen: Hey did you watch the teletubies last night.
Prince Sade: No unfortunately I don't do cuddle hugs.
Freshman: Aww you need one hehe
Prince Sade: Aww you wanna die
Freshman: you meanie!!!!
Prince Sade: yea that's right go drown yourself in a bowl of pesticides and sing the song Teletubies, Teletubies say HELL NO!! UH-OHHHHH.
by Prince Sade June 19, 2009
The lowest form of life on planet Earth
Freshman: Hi, I'm new here
*4 seconds later, ends up in trash can*
by SuckMahBalls March 29, 2008
freshman – n. Annoying person who doesn’t know their way around, thinks they know everything, or can’t respect the rules of seniority. Often a ninth-grader.
I know you were here last year. You're still a freshman!
by cardenio April 06, 2005
the scum of the world
"look at the silly little freshman!"
by Senior07 December 12, 2006
pimp like man, not always lower classmanm often gets girl, likes devil dogs and a good computer
Wells high 11th grader, 5 foot 9 inches, 140 lbs
by Pete December 09, 2004

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