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a person at their first year in university
we must put all freshmen through rituals for them to be fully accepted into alpha-omega fraternity
by Rib July 19, 2004
Fresh meat, when refering to a female of the freshman college level class, a new person to add to the list on a party nite to try to meat
by unknown October 08, 2003
School :
Annoying little " children " that think they're are the best of the best.
- Pretend their Upper class.
- Block hallways with their legs, ugh.
- Annoying fucks ? Yes.
- Considered little ducklings.(:
" hmhmh look ! FRESH meat(; "
Freshman : AHHHH O:!
by Highschoolbum021 April 14, 2009
Someone just entering high school. The first week of high school they are scared shitless cuz they get lost and are scared of upperclassman. The second week is when they become annoying and start tryin to be cool and hang out with the upperclassman, and then go brag to all their other annoying freshman friends about it. And by the end of the year, 3/4 of them are alcoholics and drugies, half of them claim to no longer b virgins, even tho they r, a very small majority of them really are no longer virgins, and those who are virgins and admit it, all do what ever they can to stay virgins, but still end up happy. all the rest stay off to the side and are annoying people who never get in any trouble cuz they're still scared shitless. My advice to not get ur ass kicked by upperclassman, take the small amount of shit they give u for the year and deal with it, by next year ull b doin the same thing to the next years freshmen. dont try to fit in with the upperclassmen unless they actually accept u. and do not, under any circumstances try to start a go home seniors chant at assemblies when everyone is doin the go home freshman chant. ur not cool, and will probly end up gettin ur ass kicked.
"God freshman are so annoying"
"I kno right? They try to act like they're the shit."
"Yeah I kno. But I do kno one freshman who's pretty cool. They kno they're not all that, and they just accept the shit thats given to them, they kno how to treat upperclassman with respect."
by I_don't_kno June 05, 2007
usually short, stupid, completely lost, and tend to look like babies. They are actually babies. They bitch like babies, they cry like babies. Shit comes flowing out of there mouth LIKE BABIES.

There are very few who are indeed cool and don't cry themselves to sleep at night.
"These freshman man,"

"Yeah we mine as well get them a motherfucking cradle."
by Dique April 02, 2009
A high school 9th-grader who owns a LiveJournal, complains about how much their parents are making their lives suck, tries to get as much attention from the older kids as possible, copies others to be cool... You get the idea. They're basically complete drama queens who should go back to middle school.
There should be a rule that you have to be at least 16 to enter high school; saves the rest of us a lot of stress.
by Morbidia May 28, 2005
The definition of freshmen is:

Females- a stupid skank bitch who dumps an upperclassmen for no fucking reason, the term freshmen can be used to someone of any age such as 1, 48, or even 99 years of age

Males- a dumbass cunt nugget who thinks he's the bomb, or any guy who does stuff just to be cool, although he is a complete fucking retarded cock browny. again this can be used for a guy of any age, ranging from age 4 to 10984

between two friends
(guy1) "dude my girlfriend dumped me"

(guy2) "dude she's a fucking freshmen"

(guy1) "no she's a junior"

(guy2) "no you havent heard? there's a new definition, yeah it means anybody who dumps their special someone for no reason!"
by CRNoel2011 November 15, 2009