A derogatory term used for someone going into their first year of highschool (or college).
Upperclassman 1: Did you hear about that guy that who walked into the girls bathroom?
Upperclassman 2: Freshman
by popcorn apopcolypse September 10, 2011
The new kids in high school. These kids often still think school is like middle school, and are the perfect victims for pranks and torment like wedgies, swirlies, purple nurples, wet willies, noogies, and being stuffed into lockers.
I used to torment freshmen at every opportunity I got. From hanging wedgies on the flagpole to stripping them naked and parading them into the crowded hallways, I was always making sure freshmen were thoroughly humiliated throughout the school years.
by Rappunk799 June 16, 2014
A very dumb and stupid person who thinks he or she is funny, however is not because he or she started high school. (freshman)
Ariel Francisco is such a freshman. GOD.
by upperclassman13 October 12, 2011
When you do an activity you're interested for an extensive amount of time, often pulling several all-nighters and focusing on that activity.
Person 1: "Yo, you gunna freshmen tonight?"
Person 2: "Yeah when I get home I'm gunna play Guild Wars (video game) all night"

Person 1: "Damn, we have a lot of homework tonight"
Person 2: "Yeah man we gotta freshmen homework"
by bigmoh July 24, 2011
n. - A musician (generally rappers, cyphers, and other hip hop frontmen) is that's signed to a label and has produced only their debut album. Freshman status lasts until said artist releases their sophomore album.
Ha ha Shout out to all the freshman. Asher. B.O.B. Scotty, what's up?
by Cruxstelle December 21, 2010
Another word for a loser who doesn't want to go outside and do anything with his amazing friends who are pulling awesome pranks. These type of people often have the name Josh and have trouble being cool or telling good jokes.
Guy #1: Hey Josh you wanna come with me and the guys and go pull a prank on this old lady down the street?
Josh: No man I don't feel like being cool and impressing my friends.
Guy #1: Wow you are acting like a total freshman right now. See you later freshman.
by ARASL1994 August 30, 2011
Freshmen in high school or college who are slightly cooler than the normal band of newbies, and often have upperclassmen friends.
We're so fresh we're not just freshmen we're FRESHmen.
by whoa_its_soph March 11, 2011
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