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that cute guy whose age is between 18 and 20, but girl you just can't resist him despite being aged 23 to 30
if you have a freshman crush during your mid-to-late twenties, chances are you will be a cougar when you get older
by Jerz201 April 11, 2013
a man between the ages of 18 and 20 who is the love interest of a woman between the ages of 23 and 30.
Girl #1: your boyfriend is cute, how old is he

Girl #2: he's 20

Girl #2: awww, you have a freshman crush

Girl #1: and he treats me good too

Girl #2: buy him a Kids Meal at McDonald's
by Jerz201 April 11, 2013
A boy who's age falls right above the age of consent and just below the drinking age, but is desired by a woman in her mid-to-late twenties
Henry is only 18 years old, but his girlfriend Crystal is 25. She has a freshman crush on him
by JerzNJ April 11, 2013