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to be fly/ or friggin' awesome
preferably with style
in the state of flyness or being friggin' awesome
flirts with the ladies, but staying single at the same time
SEAN TAFRESHI and his companion....himself, SEAN TAFRESHI
Sarcastic opposite of clean/tidy/nice...

Usually with a bit of a stretch..
Dude, your house is fressssh.

That fart was fresh...

You are soo fresh...
by jontz01 March 04, 2004
Someone who has just come straight off the boat from their country of origin.
(Olu Takawaoopluhjafawado has just arrived from Nigeria)
'Gangast' kiid: Look at that freshie walkin like he aint nigerian.
Olu: Eh Eh (weird clicking sound) Shot your mout you stoopid eejit I have a VISA!!!
by 'Gangsta' Kiid February 24, 2010
1) Feeling great about yourself probably because you have been drinking all night.
2) The feeling of a hangover after drinking a bottle of Goose and Redbull the night before.
3) Adding the word "Fresh" before a noun will amplify its meaning.
4) Matty Freshhhhhhhhhhh
Matty rolled to the party/bar feeling "Fresh"
He drank a bottle of "Fresh" goose
He banged a "Fresh" stayout
He woke up in the morning feeling "Fresh"
Matty got that "Fresh" car
by Mattty Fresh November 17, 2009
another name for "freshman"
yo fresh, give me your lunch money.
by joe June 17, 2005
A reply to say that someone is trying to start a fight with you
"Oi you gettin fresh with ME blad?"
by Serious Potential November 20, 2004
1. someone or something that causes people to take notice and either appreciate or become envious
"Mya is always lookin fresh,huh?"

"Ay,that outfit is kinda fresh!"
by SweetTart2K February 27, 2004