Another Word For Ok
Brian: What You Doin Friday Mate?

John: Gettin Pissed

Brian: Fresh Mate!
by ScottyYaCunts February 11, 2009
a word used to mean cool or fly
will smith played a guy from philly who was called the fresh prince
by natalie dewitt July 06, 2006
A hot chick that someone wants to root.
Damn man that chick is fresh.
by Rachi May 04, 2006
Young. Fly. Flahsy. Undefinned fashion sense that people ain't never seen before
Jazzie Fresh is fresh.
by Jazzie Fresh October 23, 2005
to be fly/ or friggin' awesome
preferably with style
in the state of flyness or being friggin' awesome
flirts with the ladies, but staying single at the same time
SEAN TAFRESHI and his companion....himself, SEAN TAFRESHI
an immigrant to a new country who still acts and talks like bak home, behind in the culture...
dayum, can't really undastand him, he's such a fresh
by MizTui April 28, 2003
1) Feeling great about yourself probably because you have been drinking all night.
2) The feeling of a hangover after drinking a bottle of Goose and Redbull the night before.
3) Adding the word "Fresh" before a noun will amplify its meaning.
4) Matty Freshhhhhhhhhhh
Matty rolled to the party/bar feeling "Fresh"
He drank a bottle of "Fresh" goose
He banged a "Fresh" stayout
He woke up in the morning feeling "Fresh"
Matty got that "Fresh" car
by Mattty Fresh November 17, 2009

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