a very very funny show! thazz all that needs 2 b sed.
"for a long time it gave me nightmares to witness an injustice like that. the way they mocked him! 'silly rabbit, trix are for kids!' why couldn't they just give him some cereal?!"
by Alcatraz Psycho Ward Outpatient August 26, 2005
A story all about how Will Smith's life got flipped, turned upside-down. For 10 seasons you could sit right there, he'd tell you how he became prince of a town called Bel Air.
Fresh Prince of Bel Air is the greatest show EVER.
by voidsoul November 10, 2009
The funniest, most entertaining show EVER made. It stars Will Smith as himself that was from Philadelphia, PA to Bel-Air. He lives with his uncle Phillip (James Avery), aunt Vivian (From Janete Hubert Whitten to Daphne Maxwell), and cousins Ashley (Tatyana M. Ali), Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro), and Hilary (Karyn Parsons). I highly recommend seeing this show if you haven't and this is one demonstration of a show that "never gets old".
"I love the TV show Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air!"
by SYSYSYS January 01, 2009
1.One the best comedy sitcoms in the ninety's to hit television.

2. A television show that debuted on NBC(National Broadcasting Channel) in 1990, staring rapper/actor Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince as a wisecraking nephew of a lawyer and a english professor, who was sent by his mother to live with them in Bel-Air, CA to stay out of trouble and get a head start on life.

Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince
(Will Smith)
James Avery
(Phillip Banks aka Uncle Phil)
Janet Hubert-Whitten/Daphanie Maxwell-Reid
(Vivian Banks aka Aunt Viv)
Kayron Parsons
(Hillary Banks)
Alphonso Ribero
(Carlton Banks)
Tatianna Ali
(Ashley Banks)
Joseph Marcell
(Geoffrey aka G)
Ross Bagley
(Nicholas Banks aka Nicky)
Jeffory Towens aka DJ Jazzy Jeff
by FP ologist March 26, 2009
A fairly funny 80s American comedy which situated around a very wealthy black family and most known for starring Will Smith.

Based in an alternate reality, where blacks could reach the top of the chain, and where whites delivered their pizzas and cleaned their cars.

During the "great TV change", where blacks suddenly became hip pop, cool as ice, and frankly so much better than those honkys.

Only really funny due to Will and Carlton, who always got into trouble, from heavy gambling in Las Vegas to getting into gang wars.
Definetely worth a watch. is on BBC 2 regularly.
by Biafra J July 29, 2004
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