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the act of looking sexy, clean cut, all around fucking great, dashing, debonair, handsome, attractive, promiscuous, hella buff, fine looking, not ken like, confident, hot, hawt, sexually active, incontrol, a boss, always on top, available at all times, hella buff, amazing, arousing, erotic, adorable, suave, charming, appealing, attractive, luscious, delicious, pornographic, cool, alluring, sexually stimulating, x-rated, voluptuous, steamy, perfect, passionate, erect, fuckable, not related to a congo line of dicks and buttholes, first objective is to look good everything else is to take backseat on a friday.
chic chic "damn those guys look hella fresh fit on fresh fit friday"
chic chic dos "ya i no why arent we naked right now?"
by ken ni November 06, 2009

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