Means yuppie in Spanish. It's something related to brainless people in Mexico.
Esa vieja es una pinche fresa descerebrada.

That bitch is a fuckin' fresa brainless
by Funeral For A Friend December 09, 2004
Sapnish slang for a conceited bitch
" Pinche Fresa!"

trns: Fuckin Conceited Bitch!
by Nocty December 20, 2003

Usually a middle/high class wealthy type girl that always gets her way. Not necessarily preppy though..Girls that are fresas can't speak spanish consistently or that well, look like they are white, sometimes deny their culture or don't want to be what they are. They are really hard to get with, and are really spoiled. These "fresas" talk diffrent from most other "regular" mexican chicks...
"Yo, guey, mira esa fresita..."
by anamathers April 15, 2005
Mexicanas presumidas que viven en estaos unidos y piensan que son mejor que otros mexicanos cuando en realidad todos pesan igual ( un pito)
fresas talk a different kind of spanish according to them their spanish is better than the "nacos" but to me se escuchan igual. las fresas non pueden pronunciar bien el ingles debido a que tambien lo quieren ablar "fresa" ejemplo: ese wey es un naco = that bull is a nacation

I aint racist but i hate those biaches..
fuckin frizzles
esa bieja es bien fresa pero no pesa un pito, tiene un culito y abla ingles como si se lo estuvieran metieno
by JOHN ARTEAGA May 06, 2005
A Mexican slang term for rich, spoiled girls (rich boys are also included). Fresas talk diferently than lower class people, making their speech distinct. Fresas can be super sweet and humble even though they are rich or they can be stuck up, spoiled, bratty girls. They are part of all high class population throught the whole Mexican country. Other latin american countries have started using the slang.
Fresa: Guey, no mames, asi neta, cuentame TODO
Fresa 2: Neta, osea guey, ni te imaginas
by Midnight Quesadilla January 06, 2015

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