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Fresas are mexicans that have a los of money, think they aré better than everyone else and use words like "weyyyy". When they live in México they go to prívate schools and live in the richest neighborhoods. If they move to the U.S they usually move to places like McAllen, Sharyland, San Antonio or the Woodlands Texas.
by Fresa343 November 27, 2013
Fresa spanish for Strawberrys
but used as a name for a purticular group of people in the south most part of texas. the charistics of the group are Rude Tacky Foe-hawks Elvis hair refuses to speak english

if you are not from the area you can mistake them for douche bags. extramly similir to the D-bags from the Jersy shore
Person not from texas: man that guy back there was such a D-bag

Person from texas: No he's just a fresa
by ALLPOWERfullTruth September 23, 2010
Mexican version of a guido
Fresas wear rhinestone studded apparel, affliction, ed hardy, armani exchange, and is usually equipped with sunglasses that are obviously meant for women, also wear stupid ass pointy shoes that look like aladdin, or shoes and jackets of cars they'll never afford (ferrari), and also are gay
by Jew Magic June 02, 2009
Stuck up girl. Having picky tastes. Spoiled rich girl. Snob, rude obnoxious.
Esta puta es una fresa. La fresa quiere un carro nuevo. El papa de esa fresa le regala todo.
by MariAntonia July 13, 2006
its mexican slang
1. in the north of mexico, it means a person, either a guy or a girl, whos family has money or is high class, usually preppy and wear expensiveish clothes, the opposite would be cholo o and we generally talk like really fast and that pisses off ppl some times

2. More down souther in mexico it generally means a preppy girl
El Javier y el Maiky ivan al super a comprar pisto y unos cholos pasaron y se las hicieron de pedo (hacer de pedo) porque eran fresas
by fosho maan May 08, 2006
girl whos latin who speaks like a white girl. usually are girly or preppy.
FRESA GIRL: like omgosh!!! i need to buy this new purse cuz im bored of mines.
by Kelly garcia September 09, 2007
1) Means strawberry in Spanish
2) What we call those model-like girls that look rich and white... but talk a hundred miles an hour in Spanish like nobody's business
Those fresas over there are real butter faces
by mexi July 25, 2004