Used by fantasy sports enthusiasts; an athlete with negligible statistics, often dangled as trade bait in fantasy sports leagues. Usually a bench player.
"I gave him Chris Bosh for Dirk Nowitski and a french fry, guy."
by The Camel Clutch February 22, 2008
A semen filled condom. Long and squishy. Somewhat like a french fry.
Alex: Hey, girl. Where should I put my french fry?
by breixrockstarxoh June 17, 2007
A penis up the butt. Often used jokingly between friends or with someone quite oblivious to what a "frenchfry" is.
-Dammit, don't make me shank you with a frenchfry.

-Would you like a frenchfry?
by Sheenabon November 24, 2008
A female whose fake tan, dyed blond hair, and greasy makeup give her the appearance of a deep-fried slice of potato. Disgusting, yet inexplicably popular among males, especially high school guys and loser 20-somethings.
She is such a french fry! Seriously, that pigmentation is not found in nature.
by CharismaPretender June 11, 2007
(n.) The universal side dish.
Shit, they gave me ____, but skimped on the french fries.
by Mizar_08 July 06, 2010
A skinny, long, unhygienic penis that has not been washed in a long time. It may have a small layer of crust made of semen and other penal discharges.
"Dude he whipped his dick and it was a total French Fry. I don't think he's showered in a MONTH."
by apartment401 October 21, 2009
Derogatory term for French people. It has gained notoriety over the recent decade for many French people have sued people on cases of prejudicial verbalization.
''HEY, look at that pathetic french fry over there! They need to be cooked and toasted like they used to be!''
- Person 1

''The filth coming out of your mouth is astounding. Why is that these people have to be extremely ignorant?''
- Person 2

''I can answer that question!'' - Stephen Colbert
by Environmentalist November 14, 2008

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