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When a guy or girl is eating a girl out by french kissing her vagina and making a dog sound
I gave my girlfriend a French Bulldog for Valentine's Day.
by MoNsTrOuS CoOkIe February 15, 2011
A cute little dog with a smushed face, huge ears, and bug eyes.
aww look at ralph our french bulldog, chewing on my shoes! he's naughty.
by moosegirl818 December 29, 2008
A man sets up by pushing his genitals backwards toward his butt crack; he then takes the back of his woman's head and repeatedly shoves her face it into his scrotum and taint until it is a hot slobbery mess.
"What started out as an innosent fruit salad, quickly turned ugly and went french bulldog."
by Mr Zigglesworth March 03, 2014