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When you are getting a BJ under the covers and then you fart.
I made my dick tent into a french oven.
by Anonymous September 05, 2003
A French oven is when, whilst in the boudoir, one partenaire secrète takes the other and unloads a huge ass wind within the pajamas of the other. This may require manipulation of the waste line and wrapping the buttocks within the shirt or waste line of the other for full access. It does not matter if the wind blows south, or north, but north is preferred. If the wind blows through the northerly route strong enough to escape the shirt collar and illustrate a "blowing wind" effect on the hair, it then becomes known as a French Convection Oven.
Hey man, check this out: last night in bed I gave Kimberly a wicket French Oven.
by Le Bossman December 25, 2014
When your girl puts the covers over your head and it smells like slutty vagina.
My girl lets me know she's ready by giving me a French Oven
by jammerculture January 11, 2016
after sleeping with your girlfriend, and wanting to break up, you ripp a hella bad fart and pull the covers over her head. do it till she vometes.
kyle:dude i cant get rid of my bitch.
kiernan: haha dude some advice is to stick her into a french oven.
by dick waddddddddddd January 12, 2011
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