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Uptown shopping for downstairs business
french kissing + time = sex
by ThatsBriskBaby December 19, 2005
727 394
you and your partner putting your tongue in each others mouth and moving it around with your lips locked
adam and i french kissed when we were making out and he said i do it well :-p
by nunya business December 01, 2003
710 232
to kiss passionately with tongues
He could feel her tongue touch his while they were frenchkissing at the party.
by HaleY RoX xoxo March 29, 2006
59 17
French kissing is somewhat like making out...
My friend Emma/Nikki is awesome and wants to know what french kissing is :-D
by that_random_weird_person June 18, 2012
71 51
sticking your tounge in your partners mouth and moving it around
whlie me and tyrel wher makin out we decided to frenchkiss
by anonymous November 09, 2003
250 361