The act of anally ravaging your partner and then telling them to push with the anus muscles. As you remove your unit you then place your balls on their asshole and wait for them to be sucked in when their muscles contract.
Dude, I heard that chick got a french dip in a high school bathroom from Sir
by Stonch Hogflex May 04, 2011
The act of a male dipping his genitals in chocolate, and thereafter, slapping a girl in the face with his chocolate covered man pouch.
"Hey Jim, did you french dip Jenny last night?" "Of course I did Jerry, it was exhilarating!"
by bignat91 March 09, 2010
A two part event involving a bowel movement and a cell phone. After experiencing a large and complete bowel evacuation, the unwitting participant stands and gazes in awe upon their handiwork which rises out of the tepid water like a brown soft-serve ice cream cone with embedded nuts and corn. They overcome their shock at the quantity of excrement and bend over to send the steaming pile flushing towards the nether regions of the septic kingdom when his or her cell phone slips out of their chest pocket and embeds itself into Fecal Fantasy Island.
Dude, you wont be able to reach me for a couple days because my phone just took a french dip.
by Iryshman January 27, 2011
The act of swaping chewing tabacco while passionately kissing your boyfriend/girlfriend. Try french dip w/side of au jus where you use your sex partners anus/vagina as a spittoon for an extra nicotine buzz.
After meeting Mary Jo at the local smoke smoke shop where she bought a pouch of "Chattanooga Chew", Johnny invited Mary Jo to his hay loft for a french dip. Mary Jo responded with "Can I have extra au jus on the side"?
by Buttwheat August 19, 2009
The act of deficating into your partner's mouth just long enough for them to take a lick or two and then using extreme sphincter control to withdraw the feces back into the anus.
Mary looked longingly at her lover Tom, as he slowly squatted down to deliver the French dip to her quivering lips and make her a true woman that eve.
by Wassani October 20, 2006
when a man and woman only have a few seconds to themselves. the man puts his pecker in her pussy, anus or mouth and keeps it there for about one second and then pulls it out.
me and Kathy just had a few seconds so we had to french dip.
by Deep Blue 2012 August 26, 2009
When a guy fucks a girl with his balls while he spanks the monkey and pops on her stomach. He then dips his balls in the jizz and has her lick it off.
Estel went over to Sal's house for a pastrami reubin, but ended up getting a French Dip instead.
by Muffington P. Weathersby April 29, 2008

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