Top Definition
Things you will need:
Basting agent and applicator

The act of:
1. Wash and Dry Testicles
2. Gently braise freshly shorn testicles with either:

-whipped egg white

-fresh butter/margarine

-extra virgin olive oil

-Nonstick cooking spray (we recommend PAM)
3. Immediately transfer moistened ballsack into a medium

sized rammiken filled with red, white and blue sprinkles.

(inspired by the French National Flag)
4. Hastily dangle your supremely decorated ballsack into

the open mouth of your chosen partner.

Serves 1-2
Colours of sprinkles may vary dependent on country of choice.
It was a common occurence to witness Paris routinely engaging in the age old practice of French Chandeliers with Pierre.
by Bigolesatchel May 01, 2010
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