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Two teenage guys that are in a bromance but at the same time are frenemies. A common word to make fun of two teenage guys who act like they are the best of friends when near eachother, but also slam eachother constantly behind eachother's backs.
Sage: Dude, I know right, we should totally hit the fair this weekend.
Corbin: Yeah, bro! Gimme your number and I'll get Quay to text you when we get there.
.!.Corbin slaps Sage on back and walk away.!.
Sage (to a friend:) ha, wow I can't believe he actually cut his hair that way. Gina's definatly gonna dump him.
Corbin (to a friend:) Look how gay he walks. He walks like a f*ckin Barbie!
This would be a bad yet as best as I could come up with example of FREN-A-BROS...!
by iluboohgabbers October 11, 2009
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