Generic U.S. city/town name, almost every state has one.
Person 1) Hey, I am from Fremont Michigan.
Person 2) I thought Fremont was in California?
Person 1) Yea, they have one to, as well as Ohio, Illinios, and a bunch of other places.
by Nick Lance March 27, 2007
desi chill spoT. cruisin doWn mission boulivard.
I usedta live in fremont
by white kid May 04, 2003
Town of 27,000 located about 30 miles northwest of omaha. Nothing much there except a crappy strip club, midland college, mexicans and rednecks. Residents are referred to as fremonsters. Also one of two places where SPAM is made
Jim: Wanna go to Fremont
Bob:Why theres nothing to do there
Jim:We can go to a strip club
Bob:I heard it sucks
Jim: Well maybe we can get some SPAM
by BennyP October 28, 2007
When something is extremely boring and is pointless. Another phrase created by E-40.
Damn this party is boring as hell
I know, its Fremont
by Yo momma April 24, 2006
fuckin ghetto ass town where niggas crackers mexicans and asians live.
lots of grafiti drugs sex fights and gangs. people from fremont love to party.
crack capital of ohio
"damn fremont has EVERYONE!"
"you from fremont, damn youz fuckin crunked"
"lets go to fremont an rage hard"
"yuh from fremont? damn deal some coke"
by anonymous123452345243553 July 10, 2008
The richest,respectable city in California with fun ass teens that do whatever they want because their parents let them do whatever because they got too much work. Rich kids that do weed, and parents that are never home in 2 million dollar houses. 510
DAMN, Fremont is where the ballas are at.
by westxcoast July 30, 2004
$outh Fremont ghetto(irvington district)the bad part of town a lot of gangs especially Nortenos...
Sex,Drugs,and More Sex....
by JP510LoC September 11, 2004

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