best fuckin city in the whole of cali
shitt...i wish i lived in fremont
by dunno May 03, 2003
Seattle neighborhood
Hippie capital of Seattle
Fremont!?! That's lametastic!
by b'ham June 09, 2004
a shitty little suburban town filled with wiggers.
shiiiittt, im moving back to fremont?
by the bilf October 27, 2003
Fremont CA, prime example of a white suburban city located 40 minutes south of San Francisco. People who live there have no desire to leave or excel in life. They are happy to get married before they can legally drink, spit out a half dozen kids, drink bad Light beer and never get exposed to any real culture.

All culture is fed to them thru the television and US weekly since going out and actually experiencing the world is beyond their capabilities.

• Why the fuck do you still use moose?
• There’s nothing wrong with it! All my friends think it looks good
• That’s cuz you live in Fremont!
by Mr Wall November 29, 2005

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