When one has suffered numerous frapes on Facebook. One is likely to have become fregnant, and should expect a faby in around 9 months.
Dave commented 19:26: "You get fraped so much. You must be fregnant by now!"
by JWBPhayz April 04, 2011
Top Definition
A fake pregnancy, usually conjured by a controlling and slightly psychopathic female.
Jack got Jill fregnant.
by Dr. No July 15, 2006
1) A fat woman who is pregnant.

2) A woman who becomes fat while pregnant.
1) Becky is fregnant.

2) Wow, Jody used to be really skinny. She just looks fregnant now.
by LeeJay January 15, 2008
When you look at a girl and can't tell if she is fat, pregnant or both.
Jon, check out that girl over. Does she look fregnant to you or is it just me?
by los121271 November 14, 2007
A body type of a woman who may be fat or pregnant and it is unclear which one she is.

A woman who is not pregnant but appears so because she is fat.

Also called a "beer baby".
Man 1: Are you pregnant?
Woman: No asshole
Man: Oh so your Fregnant.
by Jabronicake08 January 22, 2012
Being a part of your friend's pregnancy.
I am fregnant, so I go on walks to jump start labor, shop for baby must-haves, and have a made a quilt for the first time in my life!
by OhyeahYeahyeah April 23, 2011

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