Poker term used to describe when two or more "coolers" are dealt in the same hand. An example of a freezer would be if one player was dealt AA, another KK, and a third QQ.

More commonly seen with online poker rooms such FullTilt, Pokerstars, or Cake.
At the WSOP last year, some amateur donk won it all on a fucking freezer. Stacked a player with AA and another guy with KK when he flopped a set of Queens. Unbelievable.
by Sugo Muhnuts November 02, 2010
Top Definition
a prude, someone who "freezes" all the action or won't put out, someone who abnormally reluctant to engage in sexual activity
"man, i dumped that bitch Therisa after a week. she was a fucking freezer!"
by lauren August 30, 2003
the act of rubbing cocaine on the gums in your mouth to numb them.
pauly never actually tried coke before, but he did do some freezers the other night.
by jimfrank December 18, 2004
stealing a food item in the ice box that is unattended, unclaimed, or unwanted
Hey, Where did you get that Italian ice?

It was free, I found it in the Free-zer.
by AEAN McLovin November 02, 2009
A cool new nickname for bi-sexuals or bi-curious(hope this isn't offending)
"I love being a freeze'r"
by Carma Blonde August 14, 2009
1. The best place to put things you dont want to look at.
2. A good place for safe-keeping. Fire safe.
The freezer is a good place to store anything but ice cream.
by jally September 26, 2006
A girl who has sex with a lot of men.
You keep your meat in the freezer
by beatricebabezz September 30, 2010

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