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Art of operating your vehicle that requires mental dexterity, thinking outside the box and an indifference toward the law.

Includes, but is not limited to:
*right-to-go-left U-turns (instead of waiting to go left at a long light)
*driving through parking lots
*rolling stop signs
*using the shoulder and service alleys as additional lanes

For showing off, personal entertainment and especially getting to work on time.
-"How'd you get here so fast? Traffic's backed up for a mile on Texas St."
-"Why, freestyle driving, of course. We cut off on Anderson, turned onto Village on two wheels, rolled the stop sign onto Hollemon, took the alleys behind the Marble Slab and Hastings and came through the Target parking lot. I know an even faster way to get back."
by Reid "Mr. Peepers" Golden June 11, 2007
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