Freep(er) noun . A facebook creep.
Freepin verb The act of using facebook to creep on someone.
I don't wanna add her I can tell she's a freep.

Damn girl you got mad fools freepin up on you.

Think I'm gonna block that guy John... hes such freeper!
by WordO'Mouff July 12, 2014
A team on Lord of the Rings Online that worships their own false sense of superiority and utter lack of pvp skill. "Have you hugged your EC / GV today is their main slogan." On rare occasions, a "freep" will be brave after which their team quickly subdues and medicates the affected individual.
Every freep on Brandywine
by Xauron December 17, 2010
An honourless individual belonging to a massive collective of unsavory charecters, preying on the weakness and misfortune of other less fortunate individuals, often hindering their victims escape with a variety of clever techniques until a conclusion is reached, usually involving the victim being taken for everything they have.

"Run! there is a freep coming"

friend replys
"I'd love to run, but i seem to be frozen to the spot"
by Sparky005 January 17, 2009
A person who creeps on you're facebook. ie liking/commenting on everything you post or like/comment on.

Can also be used as a verb, "freeping"
"That girl needs ta get off mah nuts and stop freepin"

"I've never met him and he's my fifth top follower, what a freep."
by crazybitch3466 March 25, 2010
1. Freak and creep at the same time.

Freeped, freeping.
"Dude, she's freeping me out!"
by FanFantasy November 28, 2009
To freep: the act of creeping on someone's facebook page.
"Oh yeah I know you went to California this summer. I definitely saw the pictures when I was freeping the other day."
by Isis Mia July 15, 2008
Used to describe something strange, weird, out of the ordinary.
Can also be used to describe a feeling of being freaked out.
A cross between freak and creep.
He is freeping me out.
I don't know about you but this gives me the freeps.
You are really freepy.
What a freep.
by HHCA March 30, 2008
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