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in between friendship and relationship with no strings attached. relationship with the freedom of being single.
faria and rick ross are in a freelationship
by trinibodi November 10, 2010
a relationship that is built on unconditional love and an honest foundation by which two people agree to without any negative interruption by anyone. Yet, the situation can be kept in perspective that the two as individuals can handle and grow on.
The conscious mind understands a freelationship.
by dmtwo February 17, 2010
A relationship where you consciously continue a relationship with your other half, but, you have no intention of truly carrying it out to the next level of intimacy.
Rosie continued the freelationship one more weekend with Dan so he would take her out to dinner Friday night.

Adam continued the freelationship one more night with Keisha so he could swing one more night of booty.
by Holly Varjak May 27, 2008
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