Really awesome person who loves to smile, laugh, and have fun

from an irish last name
I really wanna meet that girl she seems like a freels
by paige2011 July 11, 2008
Top Definition
Street slang conjunction for 'for real'.
Those rims are tight freel.
by Jdiddy April 21, 2003
Short for "fo reals" which means for real which means yes, okay, sure, see you there, etc.
Freels = fo reals = for real = yes, okay, sure, etc.

freels homie
by Harvil April 06, 2010
"So good"
Comes from the Cincinnati Reds utillity man Ryan Freel. Freel is so good, so Freel means "so good."
Those bitches were freel.
by Robot June 22, 2004
A free feel. An awkward or inappropriate touch that bears no consequence due to its innocent (and oftentimes ignorant) nature. A brush of the hand across the body's, ummm... shall we say... private zones.
When she passed me the baby to hold, I accidentally got a freel.

Dude, that was her friend's booty you were grabbing! And nobody's mad? Freel of the century, bro.

I was just going for his car keys when I got a total freel. We both acted like it didn't happen.
by TheRealAwhit April 21, 2011
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