Strips of greasy, starchy, carbohydrate-laden, fried tuber. Eating these causes you to become fat and disgusting (see: American). This causes you to die at 45 years old. The French are probably very happy to be absolved of responsibility for these.
Zeke ate freedom fries until his arteries actually shattered like glass.
by Saddam Hussein May 09, 2003
Something that's a lot more likely to kill you than the terrorism that made you hysterical enough to use that name in the first place.
Bob was frantically eating his freedom fries at a McDonald's in Kearney, Nebraska so he can hurry up and leave just in case al-Qaida decides to strike that particular establishment. In the end he was taken out of the restaurant in an ambulance following a near-fatal heart attack, for which he had no medical insurance to cover the costs and couldn't declare bankruptcy because of the new bankruptcy laws passed by the Republican-dominated Congress and approved by President Bush.

He voted Republican in the next election because they told him that despite all his problems, if Democrats win they will (in cooperation with France) pay for the airfare and lodging of all foreign terrorists who want to come to America and carry out attacks, and that not even Kearney, NB would spared their mighty wrath.
Freedom Fries. Rectangular cuts of potato fried in hot vegetable fat and laden with calories and grease. Formerly French Fries, until a gung-ho warmongering US president, specifically George W. Bush, decreed otherwise in possible the most petty "patriotic" move possible. However, this appears to have the wrong effect - The French find the idea of "les frites de la liberté" extremely amusing. Quite frankly I can't say I blame them.

Ah well, I suppose it sums up the calibre of Bush and all those who support him. Idiots.
"It's been another stellar night for KHD. First I went out to MacDonalds and ate some Freedom Fries (chips), then I met up with my girl friend, gave her a Freedom Kiss (tongue kiss). We were making out quite a lot, and we probably would have ended up in bed if I'd remembered to pack a Freedom Letter (condom). Cos without such an item one risks the Freedom Pox (syphilis). So we just went to bed separately. When we woke up, I made her dome Freedom Toast (tartines) and brought her breakfast in bed."
by KHD June 07, 2003
An idiotic attempt to show derision to a country that saved America's ass more than their own, but just happens to not agree with its current dipshit ruler that HOPEFULLY won't be as successful as the transformation of German Toast into French Toast. Fucking morons, always ordering French Toast just because some Nazi's tried to conquer the world.
I'd like some GERMAN toast with my FRENCH fries, thank you, sir.
by EjoThims May 17, 2004
What French Fries were called in restaurants and snack bars run by the House of Representatives from 2003 to 2006, because France claimed that Iraq did not have WMD's.
I guess we will have to give up saying Freedom Fries because the French were right about no WMD's.
by quesondriac June 28, 2010
A large sculpture on Staten Island that Americans will surely erect to reflect their true hatred of the principles of a free society.
Mommy, what does the "Freedom" in "Freedom Fries" mean?
by jon January 18, 2004
1. A renaming of French fries because some people didn't like what the french were saying.

2. A silly word that tends to cause lot's of virtual (and physical) shouting about something that doesn't really matter in the long term.
1. "I don't like what the french are saying about our war, lets call their fries FREEDOM Fries! Why? Because in America, saying FREEDOM is like drugs!"

2. "DAMN REPUBLICANS! GEORGE BUSH! FREEDOM FRIES! FRENCH! STUPID! IDIOTS! WAR! IRAQ! PROTEST!" All because we started calling them freedom fries....
by ravenblack120 July 06, 2011
When you think you're a free living American blooded well...American.
Eat your freedom fries you lousy ingrate or I'll send ya to Cuba.
by Apryl May 13, 2003

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