Strips of greasy, starchy, carbohydrate-laden, fried tuber. Eating these causes you to become fat and disgusting (see: American). This causes you to die at 45 years old. The French are probably very happy to be absolved of responsibility for these.
Zeke ate freedom fries until his arteries actually shattered like glass.
by Saddam Hussein May 09, 2003
A sad attempt to "stick it to the french" because they refused to support an unjust and illegal war on Iraq.
by Anonymous April 18, 2003
What you call French fries when you want to be really patriotic (read: moronic).
I love Freedom Fries and God bless America!!
by ~souba~ November 18, 2005
Another reason for america to be ignorant, see commie sauce
I like to shove freedom fries up my nose
by EthanTheMightyCheese May 09, 2003
oh, politics dont even enter into it. this is the most ridiculous and weak political maneuver ever.
A half-hearted attempt for politicians to show "patriotism" without actually taking any position or action.
And french fries were named after a Mr. French, who invented them. ..or maybe that's french toast. whatever.
Next time I go to a restaurant, i'm gonna order some french fries, french toast, a salad with french dressing, and a croissant.
by Bob Smithly April 19, 2003
What Bush wants to call French fries now because the French don't agree with his idiotic ways.
Nevermind that French fries were created in Belgium
by Anti-Bush June 10, 2003
a term for french fries invented by the RepublicaNazi party in '03 as a dig on the French for not supporting us in the Iraqi war
-I'll have 3 orders of french fries.
-We don't carry those here. Do you mean freedom fries?
-You know exactly what the fuck I mean.
by GuidoPosse69 February 06, 2005
Nationalism at it's worst.
Dick:Hey Dubbya, let's go get some pretzels
George: No DICK, you know I'm too dumb to eat a pretzel... how about some FREEDOM FRIES
by davey havok May 16, 2003
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