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The ability to do whatever you wish, too much freedom can often be dangerous.
Freedom is a length of rope, and God wants you to hang yourself with it.
by JaydePhoenix July 22, 2014
1. Liberty, the ability to do what you want to as long as you're not hurting someone else. A cornerstone of the United States of America.

2. A 1985 hit for Wham!. Note how singer George Michael puts on the image of being straight in the lyrics.

3. Of all the hit songs that were written after 9/11 that truly expresses America's heritage of liberty, this song by Sir Paul McCartney does it best without turning patriotism into money. It's by a Brit, too. Imagine that. All the other "patriotic" pop and country tunes that the damn radio played are trend-chasing garbage.
1. The U.S. Constitution embodies American democratic freedom.

2. ... I don't want your freedom
I don't want to play around
I don't want nobody baby
Part time love just brings me down
I don't need your freedom
Girl all I want right now is you
Du du du...

3. ... I will fight for the right
To live in freedom...

by Comet Cowboy February 09, 2007
Something that is impossible to have, as it would mean not having to rely on anything or anyone whatsoever.

In otherwords, freedom is a myth cooked up by some politicians to make them sound good when it comes near election time.
Now that Jill had her freedom, she no longer had to rely on ANYTHING. She didn't need food to eat, or a shelter to rest under... NOTHING.
by Jetster March 15, 2005
In America, it means the ability to do anything without your spouse, kids, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, mayor, government, or boss/teacher/(insert superior here) getting on to you about it.
Freedom is a magical, mythical thing that will never be possible no matter how much the American public schools tell you so.
by kameleonkat October 27, 2003
Being able to do and say whatever you want, whenever you want. Speaking your mind. Saying what everyone else knows but won't say.
I'm free. You don't know what freedom is. I'm free. I can breathe. And you will choke on your average fuckin' mediocre life.
by somebody May 29, 2004
An overrated value of denouncing all sorts of economical, political, cultural, familial, psychological, spiritual and emotional bounds, which once -if ever- achieved leaves one with immense anguish due to the unbearable burden of taking responsibility for certain choices and simultaneously excluding endless others and giving up the sweet warmth of being able to blame others. Such desperation leads one to reconsider the value of freedom and makes one often wish that ones freedom is quickly taken back in order for one to regain a sense of identity and blissfully start blaming others again.

The peaceful sense of fulfilment achieved by a spiritual being who has completed the process of growth, by successfully taking responsibility for his/her choices, feels content with his/her life's work and relational evolution and is ready to move on from life.
You have the F r e e d o m to do whatever you want, (as long as it is what I want).
adult child: o.k. (as long as I can blame you for the rest of my life).

I am not hoping for anything,
I am not afraid of anything,
I have F r e e d o m!

Nikos Kazantzakis
by Aniretak October 12, 2007