A noble cause often used for the purposes of evil
Person 1: Hey did you see we are going to kill people to spread freedom!
Person 2: Yeah, lets force that freedom on their asses

How can the war be bad? we are spreading F r e e d o m
by Devster April 08, 2006
The ability to do what you ought to do. Often confused with license, which is the ability to do whatever you want.

Why is freedom the ability to do what you OUGHT to do, and not what you WANT to do?

If we take it as a given that freedom is universal (or should be), then freedom cannot be whatever YOU want it to be. Let's say, for example, that you wanted to kill me. Your "freedom" would infringe on my own "freedom". Or let's say you wanted to raise taxes on me to increase your own freedom. That detracts from MY freedom.

Therefore, if all of us are entitled to freedom, this definition of freedom is invalid because it doesn't safely entitle everyone universal freedom.

The definition I have posted, that freedom is being able to do what one OUGHT to do, however, IS freedom because when one does what he OUGHT to do, instead of what he wants to, he infringes on no one else's freedom. He disrupts no one in their freedom, but instead directs them TO freedom if they are not free. The only person who can limit your freedom in a society where freedom is doing good is oneself.
Father Corapi preaches the difference between freedom and license. Freedom is what Christianity is all about. God made us to be FREE. And even if that is what the Illuminati want, let's baffle 'em and be free in God!
by GenghisKhan44 September 05, 2010
the ability to speak your mind, even if other people don't want to hear it, without anyone stoping you.
here in america, we are supposed to have freedom of speech.

it is important to always question authority (always)

think for yourself
by iznek June 14, 2006
Freedom from tyranny would be great if only the tyrants would all kill themselves then maybe we could experience it.
In America,freedom doesn't exist.Freedom is dead and every single day it dies a little bit more.
by I hate liberals October 31, 2005
what americans think they have, but they really don't and never will/
teacher: you guys are lucky you live in a free country! freedom is the reason you get to be in this classroom today!
me: but were forced to be here...if we dont come we go to juvie.
teacher: .....
by free thinker182 June 19, 2009
Just another word for nothing left to lose.
Like janis Joplin said in Me&Bobby McGee, freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.
by Chizelle April 20, 2008
Slavery. "Freedom is Slavery" is one of the Party slogans in the book 1984 by George Orwell. It is an example of ANTIETYMOPATHY.
War is Peace.
Freedom is Slavery.
Ignorance is Strength.
by Audimage August 30, 2006

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