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A cop-out of a skyscraper. Technically, it will be the World's tallest building when it is built but it will only go up to 70 stories. The rest of the tower is made up of lattice work, wind turbines and an antenna.
That girl is like the freedom tower. She's short but wears 5 inch platforms.
by Rich November 29, 2004
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A spindly half-arsed replacement for the imposing mass of the former WTC. To cut an analogy, the WTC kicked arse and played poker to win. The Freedom Tower will most likely trip over its own feet and break even at pontoon.
"I saw the Freedom Tower today. It was a bit wishy washy."
by KHD August 05, 2004
A foursome in which two dudes are giving each other the high-five while screwing two twins from behind who are making-out.
"Dude, check out those twins over there. Maybe we'll get in a freedom tower if we play our cards right."
by Mice Wreckmann December 20, 2006
A towering pile of shit in the middle of your coffee table which you place their by standing on top of it totally buck ass naked and letting go with a big old shit streaming out of your ass like chocalate ice-cream from a soft serve ice-cream machine!
So get on top of your coffee table in your birthday suit and make your own freedom tower today.
by _hahahaha September 10, 2006
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